About The History Patrol

In 2070, the Blue Plague decimated much of humankind. If it hadn't been for the Great Intervention of 2072, mankind might have perished. But because of God's Intervention, humans developed telepathic powers, allowing them to begin an era of true peace (after all, it's hard to wage war when you know exactly what the other guy is thinking and planning).

In 2145 God's Portal was designed and implemented, allowing travel through time to any point in human history. At first only scientists used the Portal, but gradually others were allowed to travel. Any Travelers were researched thoroughly, to make sure they didn't alter the timeline. Of course, by this time the legal faction had to jump on the bandwagon, pointing out that since history had already occurred, obviously timelines hadn't been altered (debates are still festering to this day about this point). Tourists were implanted with Recall devices, which would bring them back to the present.

Yes, you guessed it -- one of the first illegal tools to come on the market was a way to circumvent the Recall.

:: sigh ::


In 2163, travel through the Portal was banned because of so many recalcitrant Tourists who decided to 'stay behind'. In 2165 the History Patrol was formed. The Guides with the Patrol go back in time and check those wayward Tourists who did not Recall. Are they happy where they are? Do they want to stay? Or are they ready to return to the 22nd century and all of its modern conveniences?

Each Guide is accompanied by a telepathic Companion, a shapeshifter who guards and aids them. Only Companions know the whole truth about the Patrol -- that the Companion and Guide are reincarnations of two lovers, one of whom betrayed the other. Companions cannot be seen in human form until they can forgive the one who betrayed them in a former life or until they are freely forgiven by the one they betrayed.

The Guides are unaware that they have a previous-life connection to their Companion. As far as they know, their assignment is straightforward: find the Tourists, bring 'em home. Their Companion is there to help, give advice, and monitor until that moment of revelation when penance has been served and forgiveness must be given -- or withheld.

In a way, it's God's way of giving people a do-over. Sometimes the do-over is positive, and sometimes ... well, don't let it be said that God doesn't have a sense of humor.

The History Patrol Series chronicles those Guides and their Companions who travel back through time to rescue tourists -- and to find their own redemption in the process.


What would you do if you caused the death of the woman you loved?

In 1876, James Benteen caused the death of Penelope Albright. Choosing to serve penance, James is reincarnated in 2168 as Jim, a shapeshifting Companion to Penelope, a Guide with the History Patrol. Penelope doesn’t know about her past connection to Jim. He’s simply a soul she’s learned to love through dozens of trips through time.

They’re sent to 1876 America to observe history and assist in the capture of Franz Mueller, a 22nd-century murderer who escaped through God’s Portal. It’s here that Penelope meets James Benteen, a cowboy with a dark past. If history repeats itself, Penelope and James will fall in love before James betrays her, causing her death. But this time Jim is there. If he can save Penelope, he can attain forgiveness and his penance will be served.

Jim will have to battle his former self, the Jesse James gang and God to accomplish his purpose. But in the end, it’s Penelope who must intervene with a higher authority to find happiness with the man she’s come to love across time…


Imagine being torn away from all you know and love. And now imagine being torn away from your place in time.

That’s what happened to Nico Haidess who is trapped, not just in time, but in a reincarnation gone wrong.

He’s a Guide with the History Patrol, sent back from 2190 and now stranded in 21st century America. He’s been reunited with the love of his life, Lucinda Delacroix who has been reincarnated in this place and time.

There’s only one problem: he doesn't recognize her as his lost love and she doesn't recognize him.

To Lucinda, Nico is just a handsome stranger, a man who seems oddly familiar. And to Nico—a paid assassin—Lucinda is just an assignment, a suspected traitor. He must kill her on Easter morning and make it look like an accident.

Luckily one other creature can help. Cerberus is a telepathic dog on special assignment with the History Patrol, sent to bring these two lovers together. Cerberus has a vested interest in the fate of Nico Haidess and he'll do whatever it takes to see Nico and Lucinda reunited—even if it means dying and defying God to accomplish his purpose.

But the clock is ticking for all of them and time is starting to run out.


When Will Taupert, a Guide, and Theo, his Companion, arrive in 1934 St. Paul, Will knows he'll have more than just John Dillinger to cope with in this day and age. Will and Theo have been together for four years and taken dozens of time trips together, but this trip is different. Will senses Theo’s nervousness and anxiety. And he’s surprised to find that he feels at home in this time period and place. It makes him wonder: has he been here before?

Theo knows this is it -- it's her chance to obtain Will's forgiveness. She lied to him in a previous life, and that precipitated tragic events ending in her death. Will died a few days later, not knowing how she loved him and regretted her actions.

Now they're here again, and history is repeating itself. Will has met Dora Kellerman, Theo's former self, and fallen in love just as he did before, but he also loves Theo, the gentle soul he’s come to know through his time travels with her. When Dora is kidnapped, Will is forced to make a fateful decision.

Does Theo have to die again in order to be forgiven?