Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have a cover!

This is the first new cover for my History Patrol series. I am so excited. It came out just as I wanted, unlike the first time around.

I wanted to call the book "Penance" the first time it was released, but my publisher wanted a different name. So I used "Forgiveness." And the cover ... well, it wasn't what I was looking for.

I wanted to show it was set in the 'old West', and I wanted the dog on the cover -- the dog is the manifestation of James in his second life, his reincarnated life.

The artist tried to convey a 'shadow life' but it didn't come out quite the way I envisioned it. The cover for Penance does convey what I wanted, and having the tag-line on the cover is necessary, I think.

Anyway ... I am happy! And I can't wait to see what my cover artist does for the rest of the books in the series!

Oh, and the artist? Kim Mendoza -- she did all of my Wild Rose Press covers, and I love her work. If you're interested in having her work for you, she can reached at: She'll be glad to talk to you about some freelance cover work. Her rates were reasonable and she's easy to work with on designs.